Thursday, June 24, 2010


Hessy! My good friend Heather came up for a couple days. We watched the USA USA USA score the 90+ goal to win the class and advance in the world cup. There were maybe ten other people total in the bar, but the collective joy that screamed out of all of us felt like a herd of elephants. We went to the taste of Shrewsbury street where total strangers who have never heard of Corrie, never heard of angiosarcoma, smiled at me and my children as we walked down the street like any other normal people.... people who have not just had their worlds completely rearranged by a creul twist of fate. I love the support, but the awkwardness that people express around me, the "what should I say, how should I act" gig is getting old. It was really nice to be with someone who really knows me, who laughed at cancer with me.

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  1. it was soooo great to see you corrie- and to everyone else.. I can confirm- corrie is still the same ol silly funny crazy spontaneous beautiful strong awesome-mom loving-wife she has always been, and always will be! she is just minus a booby. i have to admit, I was a teensy tiny bit apprehensive about seeing you- but that all melted away the second I saw you and heard you yell "hessy!" with arms wide open. sooo glad i came up, wished i could have stayed longer, and can't wait to see you again. it felt sooo good to laugh hysterically with you again... i love you corrie!
    love, heather
    ps usa! (that was freaking awesome... go donovan! i heart donovan!)