Monday, June 21, 2010

sleepy little girls

Ever have a child fall asleep in your arms? It never gets old. So far that has been my favorite reason for having arms. Maddy cried out for me last night, have no idea why, maybe she was scared of the shadows again, maybe the AC was to cold, maybe she needed a mommy cradle. Those big blue eyes turned from panic to contentment in a split second. Her little mouth, as if tasting comfort, puckered up a few times, her little head nuzzled up to my chest, and then off she went, into dreamland. Charly was sleeping with no covers, so I pulled them up and ran my fingers through her beautiful curly blond hair. She was sleeping but still mustered a smile for me. I kissed her a couple extra times and shut the door. They are wonderful, full of life little joys when they're awake, but true angels when they're asleep.

1 comment:

  1. Yes I have and yes it is one of life's most blessed feelings. Little ones have to be the messengers of God's great love. :)