Wednesday, June 23, 2010

ahh, to envy "normal" cancer

So this beast just won't rear it's ugly head for any of the modern day tests that we humans use to look at "normal" cancer. It's really something to just not know if this is all over me or totally gone. It's even more insane to think that I'll most likely have to wait for my body to tell me where it is with not so subtle hints...that'll be fun. I already have convinced myself that my uterus is cramping up and that the 2cm mass they're calling a fibroid is now a 6 cm tumor causing these cramps. We discussed a biopsy, but I don't see the point considering that 2 institutes took a total of 11 core biopsies of the original tumor and called it benign. I have to make my peace with not knowing and just jump into chemo with a blindfold. Got to get some ear plugs....

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  1. Why another Biopsy? Are they not trusting the two institutes that have taken (11) core biopsies and found them to be benign. Maybe they just want to be sure nothing was missed. Not a bad idea, I guess. Prayers are still going your way.
    Have a blessed week. Eat well!!!!