Monday, June 21, 2010

Chemo and fake boobs and hair loss oh my

Here are the lovely details concerning my long awaited trek into chemo land. First and formost, let me be clear, there is absolutely no evidence that any of this will do anything (sounds like BP is controlling my fate, eh?). The doctor literally said that this is only a peace of mind thing and that's it. What a great position to be in. Don't do it, get it again, feel like shite for cheating my kids. Do it, feel like shite for 6 months sans hair, booby and mental faculties, get it back, feel so much better because maybe, just maybe I delayed it for a year, or a month or an hour. Well, I'm the type of gal who will put up with this crap for as long as it takes, even if it's for a statistically insignificant amount of time. On the much needed brighter side, if it does come back it's not an immediate death sentence. The doc's at Dana have had quite a bit of success control tumor growth with various chemos. In fact on my first visit, my doc who has been there for over 5 years said all, I repeat ALL of his angiosarcoma patients are still alive (granted there have been less then 130 people in history of man kind who have had this...what ever). Some have had recurrences, but not all, and the ones who have had it come back are still here too. He also said my hair won't fall out for 6 weeks after my first treatment, so whoopee, the news just gets better and better and better, and I just become luckier and Luckier and LUCKIER! It's all good, I get to lay down and relax for 3 hours ever other week.

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