Wednesday, June 16, 2010

MRI results

Hopefully another round of good news! My PA read me the results of my recent MRI (which I wanted to check on the new growths on my uterus), and it came back as either 1 fibroid or a thickening of the uterine wall, no evidence of it being a metastesis. As good as that sounds, I'm still not 100% convinced, would you be after hearing "you're fine, you're f'cked, you're fine, well actually you're f'cked" as many times as I have with this elusive cancer? I can almost hear your resonding NO. I have an appointment with my surgeon and sarcoma doc on monday, so I'll push for at least a biopsy if not a total historectomy. you know me, when in doubt, yank it out. On a completely unrelated note, everyone at Umass..... beware, there is a certain PI who shall remain nameless, that steals all the good brocolli!

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  1. You go Corrie!! Continue to demand further tests and answers until YOU are comfortable with the answers. Our love Blanca & Bob