Thursday, March 28, 2013

best strep ever

Both of the girls have Strep throat right now. Charly is down for the count, truly sick. Maddy on the other hand seems completely devoid of symptoms, with the occasional "my neck hurts mommy" thrown in as she gallops past me toward her next unicorn adventure. I have spent the day rubbing feet, putting cold compresses on feverish forheads, and dispensing delicious pink liquid elixir. I cannot express how happy I am to be here comforting them right now. It’s my favorite reason for being anywhere anytime.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mr. Snow Man

The day before yesterday we were hammered with 22 inches of white flaky fun. I always turn into a five year old when the snow falls and am looked at by all the adults with disdain as I brush their snowy cynicism off my shoulders like a case of recurring dandruff. I cherish every flake. As each flake falls, I can see the atmosphere that usually reveals itself only in the highest clouds. A snowy day could mean the perfect snowball, flying down mountains, cave digging, sliding haphazardly on the roads, and most importantly of all? It means I can resume life as a child as I craft the perfect snow man with my little girls. Yesterday we recreated Frosty, top hat and all. He was magnificent in his 6 feet of glory. His scarf was gingerly tied around his solid neck, the pipe was placed perfectly askew from his invisible mouth. The girls and I are sure that he frolicked all around the neighborhood when we weren't looking. And so it lasted for one fabulous day. I drove home from work today and Frosty's head had fallen off. Facial debris was scattered all over the snowy remains of yesterdays landscape of fun. I walked inside with a sullen look as faced the girls with my grim news. "Frosty is down" I said. "Oh well, at least we got to enjoy him yesterday", Charly said. And just like that, every important lesson I have ever tried to teach my children became realized.