Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What is that on our walls?

This blog is going to be focused 100% on clutter. Some history first though..
Ted was trained by the military to be clean clean SPARKLING clean. I was, am and will always be a helpless slob. Opposites attract right? Skip 15 years into the future and here we are, kids, animals, many jobs, even more hobbies, and the clutter. Next to my right hand is my phone, a pink blendypen marker with no cap, a kaleidoscope, a miniature picture of Charly that I was using to size for a locket, my sprint bill (which in and of itself deserves its own blog post), a computer screen and keyboard (there's no actual computer to connect them to), a picture of a rainbow unicorn, a tag from "new" clothes, a plastic rainbow dash and a hole puncher.
Ted and I try, honestly we do. Under this fresh smattering of clutter is a recently dusted desktop. Under the stack of books on the floor is a vacuumed area rug. We pick up all the stuff and move it to other places, but it never seems to go away. Apparently Ted has been keenly aware of this and has been patiently waiting for my awakening for years.
And it finally happened. I was walking to the bathroom and for reasons that still remain a mystery, I noticed a faded piece of pinkish construction paper taped to the wall. I walked up to inspect it, surely it was there for a reason. It must at the very least have a scribble or brandish some artifact of childhood. But it didn't. I think it was there for years. Was it there when we moved in?
I looked around and saw for the first time ever, my house. There were Christmas decorations left up from last year. Tis the season I guess. Maybe because I'm jewish I can claim that I didn't know on that one?
We began the process of decluttering. We took the taped art off the walls, we threw away bags of papers, old bills, notebooks from grad school, printed papers on topics I don't care about anymore. Although we tried, we made a tiny dent in the clutter. I want to throw it all away, I want a clean clean SPARKLING clean house! But it's getting late and I've had a long day. Maybe tomorrow....