Tuesday, March 18, 2014

First Honeymoon

Ted and I were married across from a prison in a chapel with purple valor wall paper. Oy vey was the only phrase racing through my mind when we walked down the isle and heard what must have been the most Christian music ever composed.  Not that there's anything wrong with that, unless you're agnostic with Jewish parents who are two of the only witnesses sitting in the pews. We arrived ten minutes before the rehearsal ceremony which was ten minutes before the actual wedding. Clearly a lot of thought went in to the planning of this event. In fact, it took two calls, one to the chapel that we chose because it was on our way to our favorite rock climbing spot on the Obed River in eastern Tennessee, and the other to the hotel to reserves rooms. Ted bought me backpacking gear instead of a wedding ring. Best. Decision. Of. Our. Marriage. I still sleep warm on cold nights in the woods, take that ring lovers! We decided to put off our honeymoon, kind of like how we decided to put off planning for our wedding. At least we remembered to squeeze in the latter.
Before we had kids, we were out every weekend, doing something that could break body parts. We met at a drop zone packing parachutes if that's any indication. We swore that we wouldn't become those parents who give up their lives in order to wrap themselves  inside of a house with their sheltered babies. And to some extent we've stayed true to that. Our kids backpack, ski, and white water raft.  All without whining. Win!
Over the years, we've taken vacations and have had our share of getaways, but until last week, none of them felt like a honeymoon. We were hanging from a gondola between snow covered peaks when we decided that this was it.  "16 years in the making" Ted said to me. Putting off the honeymoon until now? Second. Best. Decision. Of. Our. Marriage.