Monday, December 3, 2012

Biotech 4 lunch

Life is really good right now. My only complaint is that I'm experiencing BBN (Basic Blog Neglect), which I believe stems from the fact that I am so busy living life that I haven't carved out much time to reflect upon it. The past few months have been wonderful. With a clean bill of health, happy kids, and a wonderful husband, I thought I had it all..until I began to have lunch with the Biotech 4 lunch crew.

I used to eat a salad at my desk as a grad student. Now I eat pistachio nuts and vegetables out of bags as I get my daily education from my new lunch mates. I come home with stories worth telling someone, anyone almost daily. I have to wait until the kids are asleep before I can mention them to Ted. Sometimes I have my camera on and pointed in his face to catch the anticipated look of confused bewilderment that ensues after telling him the things I've learned. Best Pictures ever by the way. In fact, I told members of my family some of these stories at thanksgiving, and like I did with Ted, I captured that moment of WTF manifest. I'm thinking of making a collage.

I wish that everyone could come and find space at our table and enjoy the random and ridiculous stories that are shared. Some topics that have been particularly noteworthy are fruit fly, duck and human "mating" rituals, mold beasts, my lack of knowledge about all things religious, and the inconceivable disliking of the Beatles.

The last thing I could have imagined when I started my new postdoc was that my education would be so far reaching, but everyday I am reminded of just how much there is still to learn.