Monday, September 26, 2011

When in doubt, do everything!

What a strange twist of fate my life has taken. Find happiness, get one of the most insidious cancers evolution has thrown at animals, try to cure it in between scans, get three full time jobs to balance with a wonderful husband complete with a couple kids a puppy and a cat, look for happiness but fail miserably because cancer worlds are horrifically sad, stop looking for it and find happiness anyways. It's certainly not how I had it scripted when I was a little girl, but then again, I also didn't grow up and marry the life guard at my pool like I thought I would (Dave, is it too late for us?).
One thing I've learned: Don't just do something when faced with a challenge. Do everything, and when that's done, do more. We're ALL capable of so much more then we realize. Sometimes it just takes a grizzly bear chasing you to know how fast you can actually run.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

life right now

Pretty busy lately, all in good ways. At the ends of my days, I come to pretty much the same is awesome. I'm not old, but I don't have to be to feel fulfilled.