Wednesday, June 9, 2010


When I wake up each morning, I don't have the pain meds numbing my brain. My mind is always going a mile a minute between reality and the thought that this can't possibly be real. Maybe I haven't fully accepted this yet, maybe our brains are designed never to accept stuff like this. It only takes a minute to shake it off though and get a smile back on my face. Shortly after, I'll inevitably hear those sweet little voices asking me if I want my coffee...just kidding, although getting waited on hand and foot is wonderful, the true joy in all of this is how happy it makes me to hear my kiddies pitter pattering their way toward me in the mornings joyously calling out "mommy, mommy".


  1. There's nothing better than 'pitter-patter'. Remember those times before the 'pitter-patter' is them sneaking out of the house, thinking you're asleep!! Sound like someone you know?!?

  2. Nothin better than that :-) Hugs, Robyn

  3. Okay, I've figured out this blog thing now - sorry it took me so long. Did you get some chocolate covered strawberries and a teddy bear?