Thursday, June 10, 2010

the little ones

Charly is fascinated by this whole process. What does it look like mommy? Can I see the blood again mommy? Why are there bad cells in you? She's way more ok with this then I expected. When I told her my hair would fall out and I'd need a wig, she insisted on having a matching pink wig and told me it's ok to be bald, because I'm still the same person. She'll be 5 tomorrow, wow. Robby is so supportive, he wore a hot pink team Corrie shirt to school, could care less what people thought. He's such a good kid and an old soul and I'm so grateful to have him in my life! Maddy, well, she's 2, so she's trying to just be 2 and not concern herself with things like being gentle with mommy. She needs uppy and blanket and milk and then she's fine. She's a little comedian and keeps us laughing with her silliness. I couldn't love them more, I couldn't be luckier!


  1. Corrie-it works both ways, everyone is lucky, as in our grandaughters have the best mommy in the whole wide world, and our grandson has the best step-mom there ever was, is and will be unless folks learn from you in the how to be a step-mom!!

    Our love Blanca & Bob

  2. Not surprised your kiddos are doing ok with a super mom like you. Pink wigs are cool - I'm thinking a spy bob look. I'll keep the chocolate coming. You're my inspiration Corrie. Keep the sillies going.