Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Good clean fun

What a great day. I went to drop the kids off at daycare and head in to work for at least a couple hours when Charly looked up at me with those sky blue oracles and asked for special time. Who am I to deny a child, especially one whose little freckles actually spell the words mommy take me with you. Funny, but at the same time as this, it suddenly occured to me that I had all of these pressing errands that needed to be done with a 5 year old. We went to get the car inspected and then went to PETCO. We didn't need anything from the pet store, but Charly wanted to give names to all the animals, so in we went. After about 40 honeys, 23 lullaby princesses and a few Barts thrown in for good measure, we had completed the task. Every little fish, every rat, every turtle is now officially named.
I dropped her back off with her sister, who will most likely be available tomorrow when I need to run errands with a two year old, and went to catch a matinee with Ted. We saw the karate kid and I have to say, well done Jaden and Jackie. Well done. Ted and I held hands through the whole movie like a couple of kids, it was so sweet. I'm incredibly lucky to have his hand to hold through all of this. It's firm and tender and strong enough to pull me up when I fall off the razors edge.
We picked up the girls and grilled a fabulous dinner which we then ate up in the tree house What a treat.
Finally, we walked into town and got ice cream. Charly and our Neighbor's boy who is 8 sat together on a bench far far away from all of us grown ups. They were like a little couple. There were two little old ladies, at least 50 (that ones for you mom), who took so much enjoyment from watching them. They went home with lighter hearts because of that splash of innocence.
What a great day. No no they can't take that away from me.

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  1. What loving, precious and wonderful memories for all of you!!!! Thank you for sharing. We love you Corrie!