Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I am sooo much happier now that it's gone! You just can't appreciate your body until you get a 7 inch drain yanked out of it. I'm happy again and feel like I'll be back to "normal" soon. I still haven't heard back from pathology, so I don't know if the margins are clear. Later this week, when we know, I'll meet with my sarcoma doctor and develop a plan for fighting this ghost. I'll schedule the uterine MRI for sometime this week too. The girls got new beds delivered today and Maddy has graduated to a big girl bed. She looks so little in that giant twin. I'm so happy to see her through this tiny little milestone, as insignifiacnt as it may seem, it's a part of her growing up, and I got to tuck her in tonight. I'm the lucky one tonight:)

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  1. YOU WILL BE tucking both girls into bed for many years to come!!!! Our love Blanca & Bob