Thursday, May 6, 2010


Got myself a little video camera and have been taking videos non stop of me and the girls doing nothing in particular. They already love watching them. What little gifts they are. I showed charly a picture of a one booby woman and she was totally fine with the concept of it. She did however ask me to wear a 2 booby bra so I'd look like the other mommies when I drop her off at school. Got to love kids:). It's been really nice having all my family and friends around, I feel very loved. Off to watch some cheesey TV and snuggle with my man.
night night

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  1. Oh, from the mouth of babes. Nothing in the world like that sincere, unfiltered, honesty. You can always accentuate your left profile if that helps Charly :)
    Bless you and yours Corrie. Our prayers are with you always. Love Doug