Wednesday, May 12, 2010

surgery scheduled

Woo-hoo, surgery actually scheduled for the 20th. Those bastards won't cut it off til the afternoon, so I have to fast alllll dayyyy long! Do they not know how much I love food? I have a preop on Friday at 1:15 (kind of using this blog to keep myself organized). Don't know how long I'll be in the hospital yet, will let you know. For now keep the images of hot fudge sundaes, big mac's and fries, and mom's home made apple pie out of your brains, so that they won't leak into mine!!


  1. You still have a week to cram in all of your favorite foods! Healthy eating is for the birds. i say go for it!!!

  2. I say eat like a pig this next week. Ask your mom to make your Christmas cookies now (Karen, you can thank me later :-))

  3. Don't worry, there will be plenty of yummies after... and one giant boob pinata!