Saturday, May 8, 2010

foot in mouth disease

when i went in for my consult the other day, the last doctor to see me was a shrink. i told her it was ok to interview me with ted and jen and thea in there with me. one of her first questions was
'how are you handeling this emotionally?" My response was that it's like a sign wave with changes in frequency, sometimes sustained ups, and downs and at other times they come rapidly, but if you were to average them out, I'd still be happier then the average person. She nodded her head and looked at me and said, "oh, so you're a train wreck". my friends and I burst out laughing before she realized that she had clearly said the wrong thing, and she quickly replied with "I mean on a roller coaster, you know one with trains, not a train wreck..." she felt like a total ass and we felt about as silly as you can be in that situation. From now on, you guys can refer to me as corrie the train wreck:)


  1. A sine wave with a positive offset was too much for the shrink, huh? You'd think with all of the historical use of electricity in psychiatry, that she'd be familiar with the concept of alternating current! I once knew a woman who said she had a class in college called "Physics for Poets".

  2. Sounds like a right brain sympathyzer trying to follow a left brain joker but not quite knowing how to translate your jibberish into her jargon in order to empathize on a level playing field.
    Pretty sure there has to be a doc in there that doesn't isn't wound up so tight that he/she couldn't appreciate your silliness.

  3. Hi Corrie,
    I hope you are having a great Mother's day with your family!

    Good luck with your appointments tomorrow. You are all in my thoughts!