Sunday, May 30, 2010

how to treat an angiosarcoma sufferer

Here's a little guide of what to do and more importantly what not to do when talking to someone with angiosarcoma

1. Don't say: Oh, I know lot's of people with breast cancer and they're all fine, you'll be fine!!
Do say: Wow, that sucks, I've never heard of that kind of cancer, can I bake you something?

2. Don't say: My uncles cousins brother was told he had 4 hours to live and now he's the president and CEO of his own fortune 500 company
Do say: I'm so sorry to hear that, why don't I cook you something for you.

3. Don't say: My life is sooooo wonderful, I have everything I could have possibly ever dreamed of, how are feeling today?
Do say: My life would be better if I could think outside myself for a minute and clean your house for you:):):):):):)

4. Don't say: nothing
Do say: normal things about everyday life, I'm still living it folks, and if you really don't know what to say, express it in cupcakes


  1. Well said! I'm trying to figure out a way to send you food :) I may have to send you to the food in order to accomplish it but it'll be a treat. Aaah haaa there may be another way, just need to see if Worster/Oxford area has the receiving end to the L'burg sending end.

  2. This is too true and too wonderfully said!