Thursday, May 13, 2010

9 holes

they took 9 biopsies of my tumor today 9! WTF, the previous biopsies, the MRI, the notes from Fletcher weren't enough. They then wanted to put a titanium clip inside the tumor and send me off for a mammogram after the biopsies. I told them they were free to take the mammogram of my breast next Thursday after the mastectomy. I mean really, what's the point, they can't see it by mammo anyway. Silly Harvard doctors, stupid cancer. The biopsies were actually pretty cool (says the morbid freak in me). It was a sonogram guided procedure, not that you could see the tumor this way either, but if it made the doc's feel more comfortable squeezing warm KY on my boob to look at nothing, who am I to chime in? What you could see was the needle going into my tissue by sonogram and that was the cool part. I was mesmerized by the screen, it felt voyeuristic since I was numbed and couldn't feel it anyway. SO there it is, a tech is in a lab throwing some monoclonal antibodies on my boob sections to confirm for the 4th time that this is angiosarcoma. I feel like in the time it's taking to get this resolved, I could teach the tumor how to speak and at least say "get me out" if not "I'm angiosarcoma"


  1. Spoken like a true Linden smartass. I'm proud of you!

  2. I am so glad to hear I am not the only one who likes to watch procedures while they are being done on self. Everyone tells me I am a sick woman for liking to do that :)
    I love your answer re doing the mammo next Thursday, good for you!