Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The consult

My good friends Thea and Jen came with me and Ted for the 4 hour consultation today. We left not knowing much more then we did going in, but we certainly established that I am unique. None of them have ever seen a primary breast angiosarcoma in their entire career, but the premier pathologist in the world has confirmed it. They're deciding whether to do a simple or radical mastectomy. Tomorrow I'll have a cat scan and X-ray to see whether these nasties have made it into my lungs yet. I think the doctors were not ready for the level of silliness we brought to the hospital room. Sorry folks, but I just can't be serious, even about this. It's just so ridiculous to me, and there's so many jokes that just creep up. The doctor told me that this type of tumor projects fingers outward and started to draw a picture of what those fingers look like, I of course showed him which one of my fingers I thought it looked like:). I'll let y'all know more after I get results from tomorrows tests. Right now I'm watching the muppets with charly and my mommy.


  1. It took a premier pathologist to tell you that you are unique? Girl, I knew that the day I met you!!! Good luck tomorrow - we are with you all the way!

  2. That's the Corrie I know...always laughing! Good Luck!