Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I received a message saying my sarcoma doctor will be out of town for 8 weeks and that I've been scheduled to start treatments with someone else on June 3rd. That's it, that's all the info they gave me. What treatments? What kind of Chemo? Well, guess they figure that it doesn't really matter to the patient and that we should just be happy to sit around in our ignorance and take it as it comes. My doctor had mentioned a couple different kinds of cocktails that he was considering, but said nothing of what I'm to expect from the side effects, such as how sick I'll be, when my hair will start falling out, how long the treatments will last, what will be the end point, how they'll follow up with it, what happens when it likely comes back....nope, just a message, be here on June 3rd for Dr. # 42 to start treatment. Cancer sucks, it's so hard to plan the living part of life around the surviving part of cancer. I'm supposed to walk for my graduation on June 6th, it'd be nice to know if I'll be physically able to do that. Don't worry folks, not sad or depressed, just a little pissed off at the moment. OK, now of to finish up what I can in lab before I become Unicorrie.


  1. Why can't these doctors every where consider the frustration level they cause for patients!! Corrie we are so sorry to hear of this development! We imagine you'll be right on this to try and find out more from them if possible. If anyone can, it is you! We love our to be "Unicorrie"

  2. Using an expletive from one of your earlier posts regarding your own religion....

    These "Corrie A. Painter" doctors are !!!!!!!!!

    Love ya bunches,
    Auntie Laurie

  3. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! So much for patient empathy. Still they should at least give you some kind of consolation prize like a Dr. shaped punching bag or a martini cocktail to help calm your nerves. The bright side is maybe they are switching you to a better Doctor one that is not such a *Bust*.

  4. Arghhhh!! How frustrating. I was hoping to find out what to expect as far as hair styles. I am naturally shaving my head if and when you lose your hair. Not a big deal if I can just rock the mohawk (pink) wig all summer. I am, however, starting a new job in July. A girl's gotta plan ahead if she's going to be buying a professional wig made for grown-ups. Tell that boob of a doc to get his act together!