Sunday, May 16, 2010

good friends

I have a lot of them, thank god! You guys are the absolute best. Thanks for being silly, making fabulous cake, laughing with me, showing body parts in solidarity, being in the moment, naming dragflys, keeping it light and normal and once again, laughing with me. I love you all, from all the parts of my heart, not just the bottom:)

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  1. Love you too Corrie. Scott and I have been sitting here tonight reading your blog. I have literally both laughed and cried... you are handling this more amazingly than I ever could. We both love you dearly and will continue reading to know how you are doing. When you are "recovered" from the surgery and have a few minutes, I'd love to chat with you a while. Sending big hugs
    (gentle ones) xoxo, Sabrina