Friday, May 7, 2010

appointments monday

I had the fabulous experience of having a pet/ct scan today. I am officially hot, glowing with flouridated glucose:). I have the CD with all the images but am being a good girl, I gave them to Ted so that I wouldn't look at them and interpret every spot as a giant tumor. On Monday I go to Dana Farber and see a sarcoma specialist and a sarcoma surgeon. Should be good times. The deeper question here is, can I crack a smile on their faces or are they toooo smart and tooo harvard for that kind of nonsense. I'll know more then and should have a better idea as to when and where the surgery will be.
Tata for now
(please excuse the pun)


  1. Hi Corrie,
    You have been on my heart all morning after reading your blog last night. I lifted you and your family up to the Lord Jesus in church today for strength and HOPE and healing. My sister is still alive and she was told she had monthes to live with no cure for her stage IV melanoma. I have learned slot from my Baby Sister. I would like to follow your blog and continue to pray for you with your permission. I love your honesty which is healing in itself.
    Blessings on this Mother's Day. Enjoy.
    Colleen Ostberg from Windam, NH.

  2. Ahhhh haaaa.... LOVING your pun!