Wednesday, May 12, 2010

a spot of good news

I know, I know, the puns just get worst as you get to know me better. Really though, the new MRI results show nothing on the left breast, this was done on a much better machine, higher resolution, so it looks like they'll only need to take the right. I can't get reconstruction done for a couple years, if at all due to this stupid kind of cancer, so I'll be a bit lop sided for a while.
I asked what the tumor looked like on the MRI and the PA said it was completely crazy, just as an angiosarcoma should look. More good news is that it doesn't look like it's made it into the chest wall. Can't wait to get this off my chest...really, that's the last pun for the night:)


  1. It is a spot of good news,.... wonderful, fantastic news!! You are in my thoughts throughout the day. I know you are wondering, who the heck are you? I met Blanca through MySpace/FB. I have had the pleasure of watching Rob,Charley,and Maddy grow from Blanca's great pics. (We talk politics and solve world problems)! You are one strong lady with an incredibly strong family.
    Andrea Hutchinson

  2. Good news! Did he say the tumor was giving you the finger?

  3. Well, please just keep us abreast of the situation... I mean...
    Love you!

  4. Maybe you could drink V8 through a straw only using one side of your mouth to keep yourself walking straight? :)