Wednesday, September 1, 2010

how to fight cancer and win

1) Get rid of the notion that living til your 80 means victory. Have you hung out with many 80 year olds lately?

2) Set lofty goals, the higher the better, and then make them happen.

3) Don't use cancer as an excuse to give into fear. Fear will always be there, but so will many other and more enjoyable's really your choice which ones you let in and which ones you let go of.

4) Always end sentences in prepositions and never care about how words are spelled.

5) Don't assume that your doctors know everything. If you can, research it yourself and if you can't, find someone who can get you solid advice.

6) Be aggressive, the cancer isn't intimidated by much, so why should you be?

7) Look into alternative/synergistic therapies to include along side the standard "let's kill everything and call what's left over a life" regiments in which modern medicine puts it's entire collective faith.

8) Love deeply and in the moment...nothing will ever take that away from you, not even death.

9) Fund research! We're so far from "the" cure, but we're darn close to managing some takes science money, which can be thousands of bucks per experiment to get the ball rolling.

10) Even at our darkest moments, there's always something unique to each of us that brings us back into the sun. Find your light.


  1. Wow Corrie - That is Awesome! You are Amazing! :) Love ya! Charissa

  2. Love, love, love this post Corrie! I'm sharing it with my Mom, a two time cancer survivor, and she'll most certainly approve of your list! :)