Monday, September 27, 2010


How many times have people used the fog metaphor? I'd be in a daze if I tried to recall, but today was a foggy day. There's a hill that reveals a glimpse of worcester that I always look at on my way home from work. You can see the city over the rolling landscape silently embedded in a picturesque far away land. It was completely gone today, I couldn't see past the oak tree in the yard just next to where I was driving. Was it still there? Did it vanish and leave in its place a blanket of white fuzzy nothingness? I was forced to look at the details of my nonvista life, up close and personal. It wasn't so bad you know. There were beautiful fall colored leaves all lined up to take the final plunge. There were abandoned lemonade stands, weathered, dilapidated, oozing with memories of someone elses childhood. There was the road that I decided to travel, full pot holes, puddles and loose gravel that pitted the undercarriage of my van. I usually take that road for the scenery, but it's always been at some expense...just never noticed it til the fog rolled in. Now I'll take it for different reasons.

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