Sunday, September 5, 2010

Devastation in an otherwise perfect world

I can't remember a day where the weather was more perfect. Everywhere we went, people were thriving on it, embracing it, living it well. I watched all the people around me merrily go about their happy little lives totally oblivious that under my hat was a bald head and under my smile was a deep well of despair. A.A.A., such a beautiful soul, such a strong spirit...a fighter, a winner, a girl just about to take her first steps into a new world of responsibility as a cracker jack teacher had this stupid cancer come back. Last week she started going through a harsh treatment for angio that's returned to the major vessels of her heart and to her lungs. It's not easy folks, but she was determined to get on with her life, she is determined to go forward no matter what. To my shock, this morning I received news that her 18 year old brother died from unknown causes. How can this be? How could one family be expected to carry this burden of grief. How can you move forward through this? How, when she's fighting for survival could life so callously slap this fate upon them. Nothing makes sense right now. Will time actually heal this one? Through this all, the beautiful day continued to unfold, Venus rose in the crisp evening sky with razor blade clouds cutting across the last hints of orange light, cutting deeper then Fellini could have ever imagined.

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