Saturday, September 11, 2010

a shooting star, a gift from the universe

Our little town hosted a "drive in" movie tonight at the local little league field. Monsters inc. was the film dejour, so we layed out our blankets, bought our popcorn and snuggled up to enjoy the movie. I rested my head on charly's back and maddy had her little face in my arms.. I watched my girls, I watch the stars, I went into the moment, I fell right out of it. I couldn't make it stick tonight, somehow, I let the future wittle it's way in and project images of my babies that I might never see. In a hollywood attempt at reassurance, I looked back to those same stars, but I asked the universe for some sign. Sure enough a shooting star was sent just for me. Do I think this shooting star can magically cure cancer? Well, we'll see about that now won't we. Do I think this shooting star was a coincidence...not sure and kind of happy about that.

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