Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Not an idiot at all

In a previous post, I copied an email correspondence that I had with a woman involved with the umass cancer walk. In it, I deleted her name for the sake of anonymity and replaced it with idiot. At the time, I was less then happy that she referred to my cancer as angLosarcoma, especially since the purpose of my speech was to raise awareness about angiosarcoma. Raising awareness about this monster has become a second full time job, so when I thought this woman had flippantly discarded the essence of my speech and edited it incorrectly I was pissed and took it out on my blog. Well folks, she read it. She was not happy that I posted our personal emails and less then thrilled that I called her an idiot. After a voice to voice conversation we realized that our typed to typed conversations weren't working. She's a breast cancer survivor and knows the universal feeling of "oh shit" when the words "you have cancer" are spoken from even the most innocuous lips. She also has a heart and a good soul and wants to help me and all people with cancer. After our conversation, she sent me some invaluable information that will help me advertise our new angiosarcoma awareness incorporation. In addition, she arranged to have me interviewed by the T&G gazette. She's not an idiot at all, just an overworked cancer survivor trying to make a difference...and she did.

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