Thursday, September 30, 2010

people are starting to donate!!

Yay folks, we're 0.1% of the way there!!! The radio interview that I taped this morning will air on Sunday Morning on WSRS in Worcester/Boston. If you want to hear it on line it'll stream live at at 7am and will also be available as a podcast. Another exciting new development is that we're meeting with Cycle for Survival next week to discuss joining forces in our fund raising efforts. We have a budget that's being worked out by Christina Antonescu's lab at Sloan and once we get the magic number, we'll be able to more effectively fund raise. I think this may really happen, and whether I'm around to see it through or not, I KNOW that someone will benefit from this research, I will take that to the grave and have a smile on my face because of it. Just FYI, if you ever find yourself facing a tough time, out-tough it! BTW, the guy sitting next to me in lab right now is driving me insane, he's typing so loudly it hurts my ears. I can feel his keystrokes through the bench top. Random, but true:)

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