Saturday, September 25, 2010

Brain transplant? Computer download?

Ever watch the movie Coma? It's been out for what, 20 years now? Isn't life supposed to imitate art?? Where's my fresh cadaver for a brain transplant? With all the techie stuff we're immersed in, I'd give up my fancy laptop, my cell phone, my computerized tomography scans for a simple brain transplant. Angio almost never goes there, so it should work, right? If for whatever reason that idea is not feasible, why can't I just download my thought processes onto a 64GB hard drive? Even if there are some compatibility issues now, I'm sure that in time, they'll be worked out and I can just live through constant blog updates and facebook posts. Either way, FrankenCorrie or Flashdrive Painter, I'd be able to hang with all of you:)

1 comment:

  1. Watch the Steve Martin movie "The Man With Two Brains"!