Friday, September 17, 2010

reaching out to a friends mommy

Please know that I'm here for you. I'm so glad that we had the opportunity to see each other recently. Call, email, text, but please get in touch with me. We can be partners in "fun with cancer". We can also talk about the less then fun parts of this monster. I'm thinking about you!


  1. From a friend's mommy. It is odd, getting used to the idea. Sometimes I think "Okay, bring it on; give me your best shot" and I stand straighter and look the world square on. Sometimes I think,"Oh damn, another mountain," and I look up and up and wonder how many steps to the top. I think, "I don't believe it" and I think, "I knew it all along." But what impresses me the most is the love out there - had it been there all along and I didn't see it?
    Yes, Corrie, I will certainly call you. I need a little time to get used to it....this too real, too intense, surprising, suspected event....

  2. of course my dear, I'll be here when you're's always been there too...

  3. No news is just no news. I am waiting for results and waiting. So much of this is just waiting. I love you, Corrie; you inspire me.

  4. "somehow you'll escape all that waiting and staying, you'll find the bright places where boom bands are playing" Dr. Seuss
    When I had that week between my lumpectomy and the results, when they gave me that ray of hope that it might not be cancer, but I had to wait to find out for sure, I nearly went insane. Whatever the results, good or bad, at least you'll be able to move forward. Moving in any direction is important, you can get brain sores staying in the same "spot".
    I love you too, always have:)