Sunday, September 12, 2010

2 girls 2 moments 1 heart

Sitting at the table tonight Maddy looked up at me and placed her hand in mine and said, "hold my hand mommy". So I did. She then looked up at me, with her hand swinging gently with mine and said, "I love you mommy". She must have repeated this 3 or 4 times. I know it wasn't a 2 year old plot to get out of eating any more food, it was just the release of an honest and beautiful emotion.
Later in the evening, I was snuggling with Charly making up a story about a reindeer Pegasus named eliana who went on many adventures and who was, of course, the most beautiful creature to have ever walked the earth. Having Charly in my arms snuggling just the same as when she was an infant, my arms wrapped around her, her head nuzzling my neck brought me back to the day I brought her home from the hospital. I rocked with her swaddled little body pressed firmly against me with her tiny little head nuzzling my neck. I knew then that I would visit that moment many more times in this life..just like tonight. She's so big now, they both are. I've been so lucky to hold their hands, to see their love spill out into this lucky.

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