Saturday, September 18, 2010

Vera Vera, what has become of you

We went to the rescue shelter and decided to take 40 dogs home with us today. Really folks, how could you choose one over any of the others. They all have the most giant, take me home now, eyes and the softest, pet me for the rest of my life, fur. I knew I couldn't have any say in the matter if we were to make it out of there today, so I left it up to the rest of the family. It was love at first sight between Robby and the cutest little mutt, part beagle/basset hound/shepard, you ever did see. The girls fell in love with her after about 1.2 seconds, about the same time it took her to crawl up into my lap and work her magic with those eyes. I in turn used my eyes on Ted who was sold. She's so mellow, so sweet, so sleeping right behind me just next to the spot where she took her first dump on our carpet...ahh the love.

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  1. LOL because you have such a way with words describing the last sentence! What joy Vera will be. Can't wait to see pics. Love B & B