Monday, August 30, 2010

It had to be me

Who better to get this insidious disease then a biomedical scientist? I go back and forth between feeling like the luckiest and the most unfortunate S.O.B. to ever get angiosarcoma. I get to pour over all the primary literature and get a feel for what is known and what isn't known. The latter far outweighs the former and the former scares the bejezus out of me. Because this is such a small field, all the top researchers make themselves available to any freakish question I've thrown at them. I've had the opportunity to talk with the heads of sarcoma at Sloan and Harvard, the two top centers for sarcoma research (need to go to MD Anderson next!). I was able to sit down and look at my own tumor with a world renowned Harvard pathologist who has set the bar for angio diagnostics. The scientist in me is giddy like a school girl at the opportunity to synthesize all of the information that they provide, but the woman in me wants to break just like a little girl.

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  1. Starting with Frankie, and ending with Bobby. Keep bringing strong, Sis! We're here.