Monday, August 9, 2010


Where would I be without my angiofamily? Totally scared, helpless and alone. I'm flooded and overwhelmed by the love and support from my family and friends, but to spend hours on end with my angiofamily, whether it be in person getting "eyes" in NYC, or over email getting down to business regarding research, it's empowering. Everyone has their own unique way of dealing with crisis situations. Sometimes the biggest crises that people have to weather is how to afford the next and best TV that will allow them to anchor themselves in someone else's version of what reality should be. Other times, it's how to still enjoy life while fighting for that next breath as they let the previous one go, never knowing if it's the last. I've been in the presence of courage personified, of smiles cast outward toward strangers projected from the face of a child who refuses to let fear steal away time, to let fear take away the fact that she has a face and it can still shine. What a trip it's been, what a way to go through life, always aware of it's lucky am I that they are here with me and I'm here with them right now. Thank you Lauren for allowing me to find you all:) Thank you to my whole angiofamily for your courage, your strength, and your beauty.

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