Thursday, August 12, 2010

our perfect little lives

Just scrolled through some old photo' know from 5 months ago. I wanted to become 2 dimensional, jump into the photo and whisper in our ears...remember this, remember how light your heart is, how routine even the most crazy moments of your lives are, I want to warn them about the wall they're about to run into...then again, it's nice to see such innocence.

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  1. Corrie, I found the link to your blog when I was checking out the angiosarcoma awareness site this morning after randomly seeing your husband's car. (Procrastinating from work, my MO). I hope you don't mind. I've checked out a bit of your journey here and just wanted to say a few things. Wow. You are one heck of an inspiration. Thank you for sharing, for fighting, for being you. I'm so glad we met. Your reflections are beautifully heartfelt. They resonate with my/our experience with my husband's illness and also with my experience with motherhood in general.

    The pictures. Oh, the pictures. I so totally relate to this post! I could hardly look at pictures from our son's first holiday season for a long time. We were so ridiculously happy, I want to warn us, too. The beast was right there under a full head of hair that was snuggling a small baby-soft mostly bald head. It hurts to look at the innocence, the perfection of those moments. The calm before the storm. But now, a ways out, those pictures are incredibly precious. Now they show me that although life changed, the love did not. That beautiful love that was there is still there, even with an altered body and a new perception of life expectancy. The love goes on. All we have is the right now. The mode of savoring each moment is hard to keep on all the time, but the attitude to try is key. Fitting in all the love you can is the only thing that matters.

    Thanks for sharing your journey!