Monday, August 2, 2010

The moment, you know, right now!

Time's a funny thing. You can ignore it completely, in fact we as a society have fueled many industries on just that concept...ahhh how to waste time. You can also embed yourself deep inside of it's complex layers. I've played it both ways in my life, still do, although with a time stamp, it kind of necessitates the latter approach. In my case, as I to delve deep into the moment, It's as though I'm as walking on a razors edge. The moment is thinner then a tight rope. At first, that blade digs deep into the soles of my feet, but I have no choice but to move forward, anywhere from the pain of the last step, even if it promises ever deeper trenches. After a while, I develop calluses right in the middle of my feet. When I can keep my balance, it's not too unbearable, in fact all stress, all worry, the what if's, the tragedies that have yet to befall all melt away into the superficial layers where the past and the future pull me back and rip me forward. It's imperative to stay on that straight line, to not look down lest I fall into the abyss, which I've done before. After awhile, I get pretty good at it and the calluses deepen. They become so thick in fact that I can actually stop walking and take a moment to sit inside of time without having to wander in what's become an aimless yet perfectly straight path. It's in these moments that I realize that in all my efforts, in the B.C. days of my life, I did a pretty good job at burning myself into time and that I can bend it a little so I can bring all things past right along for the ride I'm on right now. It's more then recalling a memory, being reflective. It's a synthesis of everything important to me about life. It absolutely fuels my inner peace and my silliness...which I guess is a redundant statement. Ok, now it's time to watch TV while I surf the net....

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