Saturday, July 31, 2010

Testing the boundaries of normal social behaviour

I've laughed more in the past couple days then just about any other time in my life. Well, I take that back, I can remember many many laughing fits...many...but these past couple days with my new wigs has been right up there in the top 10 best and silliest moments of my life. The pink wig and the white lady blabla wig have been part of the collection for a couple weeks now, but there has been some recent additions that are too over the top, too ludicrous to try and describe...although you know me by now, so I'll try my darnedest.
A couple years ago, Ted was a hippy pimp for Halloween. Part of his wonderful ensemble was this giant blondish/greyish scraggly, did I mention huge, wig. I would say it extends a foot in every direction. After putting on dark red lipstick and some gaint earring's, thanks to Gina, I went to work in this wig. Needless to say, there were the looks, the stares, the man running into the wall. It was maybe the hardest I've ever laughed on the inside...and all day long. The next night, Ted put it on and just happened to have the unshaven scraggly beard to match. He could not have looked more like a burn out...cheech would have been proud. As many of you know, Rob has a natural fro and the other day I picked up a matching girl fro wig. So there we were, fro family robinson, out for a night on the town. People were in shock, again with the stares, the awkward side glances and the unabashed gawks. People were much more brazen and was after all the mall, at night, which = teeeeeeeeenagers. My favorite moment was when a group of about 10 pre-teen to teen girls saw us come off an escalator. They asked Ted if his fro was real as they giggled away, they then asked me if mine was. I ripped it off my head and said...I can't even remember, but something to the effect of "what do you think?". They screamed in what I think was a combination of horror, fright and silliness. One giant collective scream, unlike I've ever heard before. That scream certainly cleared our meager atmosphere and is now traveling on whatever little particles it can cling to in the time space continuum. I'll never forget the silliness. Ted and Rob were awesome. I, the one one who can keep a straight face no matter what, was a mess all night. I kept having to say things to myself like, "Corrie, you have cancer for Gods sake, stop laughing, life is horrible for you right now!", but nothing could overcome the swells of laughter, the uncontrollable silliness that kept it's presence on my face.

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  1. Bravo, bravo for you all! We do hope you have pics to post of both fun events. Love us B & B