Monday, July 26, 2010

cool breeze in the hot summer

All the windows are open and before I have time to enjoy the physical feeling of this break from the hot summer sun, my mind takes me instantly and simultaneously to all the unexpected cool summer breezes of my past. Those mornings on the river in Colorado, so crisp. We would put our wet suits on, climb in to our boats and train all day in the April snow melt of the Rockies. Backpacking trips with Ted in the White mountains, I would always wake up surprised at how chilly it was having sweat so hard the day before while hiking to that perfect spot..sometimes a nook right off the trail...sometimes a bluff overlooking a never seen before valley. The early summer breezes of my childhood when I'd stand on the block at a swim meet waiting for the gun to signal my frigid jump into the pool. Could all these memories be from one life? I feel like I've had many opportunities, many lives, many interpretations of the same phenomenon and they always leave the exact same familiar smile on my ever changing face.

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