Friday, July 9, 2010

a day at the beach

I've met the most amazing people because of this ridiculous cancer. Some are new to it like me and others have been living their lives for quite a while, the elders (eventhough some are younger then me), the wise ones with some kept secret that will keep us all alive forever. Maybe it's the cod liver oil, maybe it's the vitamin D, maybe they brush their teeth with their left hand in the morning and their right hand at night...maybe. Yesterday my friend B was in town for her monthly chemo treatment and we decided to make a day of it. After her infusion we jumped in the car and headed to the north shore. We walked around Rockport, had lunch high up on a balcony overlooking the moss covered rocks at low tide. We headed down the coast to Singing beach where we felt the warm sand and cold water coalesce over our chemical feet. We took ridiculous pictures of our prosthetic boobs side by side on the floor board of the car. We were both grateful for the warm weather and friendship. Stranger things have brought stranger people for this group, I'll take um:)

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  1. Nice, my friend ;) glad you're doing ok and can go through this with other awesome people who are dealing with the same thing...