Monday, July 26, 2010

little things

Ted took the family sans Maddy and me to New Hampshire for the day. I can't travel far from civilization these days, so I stayed behind. After work, I picked Maddy up and took her for a walk around Quinsigamond Lake...perfecto! When the rest of the family came home, Charly brought presents in for me and Maddy...soooo sweet. The girls hugged and kissed and loved each other. We went on with our night, got the girls to bed, cleaned up from dinner and all of a sudden it turned into our own time. I came into my bedroom and Charly had tucked the teddy bear she brought me neatly under the covers. That little bear peaking out from the sheets was put there strait from Charly's heart. She knew it would make me smile at some point later when she wouldn't even be did more then that, it did more then I have words for.

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