Friday, July 23, 2010

Riding with Robby

Instead of Ted taking his weekly jaunt out to get Robby, I drove out to get him. Partially to have the excuse to listen to some music and have a little time by myself, partially because Maddy's sick and it breaks my heart to hear her call for me knowing that I can't go near her since I'm susceptible to everything and partly because I just love hanging out with the boy. He had no idea that I had just shaved my head and his reaction was priceless. He loves the mini mohawk....I knew he would. I was so upset when I realized that my hair wouldn't last until today, I wanted him to have the first go at it. Oh well, we had fun yesterday all the same.
We took the long way home. Rob put on Dillan and the sky gave us a beautiful setting in which to relax and enjoy the music. I can not overstate how cool I think it is that he lives for the same music I absolutely needed to get through adolescence. Robby and I have always been close, we get each other. On our way home, he was pointing out wisps of fog and clouds that made grey look so alive while I was picking out lyrics that I've had in the back of my mind for well over twenty years, lyrics that make you realize that there are depths to human emotion that have to be extracted and packaged by people like Dillan for people like me and Rob to get the most out of life....and we do!

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  1. You & Rob hanging together is a caution ha ha :) and a great thing! Love it to the max. We hope Maddy is well soon. Love you Corrie, us B & B