Saturday, July 24, 2010


So I may have vascular tumors growing throughout my body right now, but what really scares me are spiders. I'm more afraid of those eight legged masters of fear then I am of cancer. We used to have spiders all over the exterior of our house. They would wait until night and then creep their way down to lay in ambush near the lighted windows and doors. When you walked in the door, they'd drop on your head. When you'd let the dog in, they'd be in her fur. Every night that I came home after dark I had to face those damn spiders. Sometimes I'd call Ted and have him open the door if he was home first. But then there were those nights...those dreaded nights when I had picked up the kids, gone grocery shopping and come home to an empty house. That meant many many trips through the door at night with bags and kids and other obstacles that made one linger at the door. The spiders. Would drop. On my head. On my shoulders. In the bags. Spiders. I called an exterminator and he sprayed lovely chemicals that made the spiders die. I love that man a little. He doesn't know it, but I would have payed him a million dollars for the relief he gave me. Too bad he can only work his magic on the exterior of houses.

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