Friday, July 9, 2010

oh yeah, that's normal

So there I am, feeling fantastic day one, day two and half of day three out from my first chemo treatment when boom, my throat swelled up, my chest became congested, I started experiencing shooting pains in my chest and down my femurs. I looked at the list of possible side effects and they basically lay them out in that order. I'm feeling much better now, so it was really just 24 hours of feeling like total crap ( I say as I jinx myself into 6 full months of misery). I add the anti-VEGF in my next round. I can't decide if out of all the possible side effects listed, I'm least looking forward to rectal bleeding or vomiting a substance that looks like coffee grounds.......WTF science, why is it taking you so freaking long to figure this sht out? I guess it makes sense when I think of the projects that we work on for 5,6,7 years to get a PhD...the conformation of one protein. One stinking protein at a time is not going to cut it! OK, I have to stop complaining because my family is harassing me to stop communicating with all of you loves and start watching cheesy TV with them. Night night:)

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  1. Hi Corrie, it is not uncommon for the effects of chemo to be delayed a couple of days. If you experience anything that worries you, call the nurse practitioner or physician's assistant at the Farber. They are fantastic and they understand what you are going thru. You are your own best advocate.