Sunday, July 11, 2010

my girls are cute

And here we go again, are you guys sick of me talking about how freaking cute they are? Right now maddy is buck naked on the leather chair watching Max and Ruby and Charly is laying on the futon in animated heaven. I am doing everything I can to stick around for those little beauties, but in the end, it's out of hands. I do have control over right now though, and I can fill it so deeply with love that surely it'll overflow into the future and keep them strong no matter what. I touched Maddy's face the other day and she looked up at me with a smile. Such a simple moment that might otherwise go unnoticed in a typical busy life. That's one more smile in the world, one more light hearted moment that wouldn't be here if I had chosen the road more followed. Charly's neck screamed out to me to be tickled and I was here to do the job. I could feel her laughter through my skin, into my bones until it reached my heart. How could that be a bad thing? How could life be bad right now?

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  1. You make life good with every move you make and every breath you take! Our love, hugs & prayers 24/7! Love you, us B & B