Friday, May 3, 2013


Tomorrow will be the third anniversary of the worst day of my life. It seems more like the third revisiting of an immeasurable span of time where days, minutes and months were indistinguishable. We all know that time can bend around large objects, but I think it can break right in half when trying to wrap around intense emotions. And so it is that I find myself with a personal fault line that separates my pre-cancer and post-cancer memories. I’ve intentionally kept myself very busy since May 4th 2010. Despite my haste to fill every nook of time with anything that could shield my brain from the ever looming statistical reality that my days were numbered, my life has continued to unfold. I could never have imagined that what started off as a good distraction would lead to some of the most profound relationships that I have ever experienced. Once upon a time I didn’t know people who were entering hospice at almost a daily rate, nor could I recite the tributes that their loved ones would write in their honor. It used to be that I would cry because I was sad, or I was happy, but never because I wasn’t sure which emotion was tugging the hardest at that moment. I hope that one day I’ll be able to go back and explore the rift that has so sharply divided my life, but for now, I’ll keep moving forward toward the next milestone. Charly’s 8th birthday? Here we come!


  1. Tomorrow is my son's 13th birthday, my parents 45th anniversary & my 1 year(?! Seriously, its been a year) anniversary from the end of radiation. I know what you mean about a fault line... Yay for 3 years. And yay for me that it meant our paths crossing. :). Keep fighting the good fight Corrie. I'm right behind you. -Kim Klaus

  2. Beautifully written, Corrie. As you know, I have an inkling of how this is from a spouse's point of view. That fault line, it is huge and hard to describe. The moments of beauty and grace afterwards, though, those are also hard to describe. You express it all in a poignant way. So glad, so very glad that you're still here to experience and spread your amazing love. Keep on fighting with your whole spirit - it is inspiring! Betsy

    1. Beautifully written, Corrie, and beautiful response, Betsy. You two amaze and inspire me in so many ways. Love to you both.