Thursday, April 4, 2013

Long Strange Trip

Crystal light raspberry ice + iodine is THE drink at Dana L1. I always want to say cheers and clink plastic bottles with my sullen company, but I don’t think my humor, which isn’t always appreciated by people in the healthiest of states, would go over well while sitting in purgatory.

I’m supposed to get a full body CT with contrast every three months, but I decided to wait for some unspecified amount of time for this one. Part of me was satisfied with the notion that I was just too busy to spend the day at Dana, scans would just have to wait. The other part decided that scans are too stressful, and living in ignorance truly was bliss. Ignorance however is going to come to a screeching halt this Saturday when I go down to the annual American Association for Cancer Research conference. It’s hard to bury your head in the sand when waves of reality are crashing over the rest of your body.

Clean scans means a clear head when I shake the hands of my doctors as a scientist instead of as their patient. I'll be there presenting work on the zebrafish melanoma- immunology project that I'm working on, but also to spread the good word about why angiosarcoma should be the focus of much MUCH more research.

If nothing else, this has to qualify for being the least boring way to spend a couple years. What a long strange trip it's been. To celebrate all of the above, maybe I’ll trade my 0% real juice pre-scan cocktail for something a little less nerve racking and little more clink worthy.

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