Saturday, May 4, 2013

Thankthank you

Today we had people from Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, New York, and Connecticut come to Massachusetts in order to participate in the third annual Angiosarcoma Awareness 5k. True humanitarians, every last one of them. These people have shown me the best that life has offered up so far. I have said thank you so many times that I fear I'm running into gratitude inflation. So I'll take the lead of any good governing body, and I'll just make more. Instead of thank you, I will now thankthank you all so very much. Really, thankthank you from the bottom of my heart.
In addition to our 5k, Ryan Humphrey put together a sister 5k in Troy Michigan in just one months time. As impressive as that might sound, he did it while recovering from a complete resection of his left lung and while undergoing chemo. I can not overstate how impressed we ALL are by his herculean efforts which culminated in close to 400 people crossing the finish line. Of all the stories I've come across, and there have been many, this one impresses me the most. Hats off to Ryan and everyone who helped him put this together. Thankthanthank you Ryan!

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