Thursday, November 3, 2011

Why do I harass you so?

Do I ask for a lot? Yes. Why do I ask for so much and ALL the time? Here's my top 10 reasons:
1) I can't be on the receiving end of one more phone call that ends in "hospice is the only choice I have left" and then do nothing.
2) If I don't harass you, someone else will, and you'll crack at some point (since we humans are kind by nature) and give money to an organization that will likely have a CEO making over a million dollars a year. (look up any of the big ones and you'll see what I mean)
3) I don't watch TV and have too much free time on my hands
4) It's really working, the money that we raised in ONE year has already turned into a clinical trial for angiosarcoma patients..the first one ever!
5) What if this saves someone's life?
6) One day there will be a cure, it has to start somewhere and sometime..why not now?
7) Angiosarcoma has ripped families apart right in front of me. It is beyond devastating to feel helpless when peoples lives are at stake.
8) I don't have much of a social life
9) As a scientist, I understand how and why research is so expensive, I understand how and why there's not already a cure, I understand that unless we do it ourselves, it'll NEVER get done. This is the only way.
10) FUAS

We raise money directly through
We are also working with Sloan-Kettering's cycle for survival. If you want to contribute to the angiosarcoma research project currently ongoing there, feel free to contact me at for details

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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